Monday, December 6, 2010

Traveling Highchair + Etsy Shop!

Good Afternoon and Happy Monday all!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

In our household, we went and saw Tangled on Saturday (super cute movie) and set up the tree yesterday.

Now I wish I could say that it looks absolutely beautiful. Stunning ornaments, fabulous lights, etc.

But sadly, no.

It has imperfections and character though my 5 year old nephew says that it is the most beautiful tree he has ever seen.

Little Mr. I has been spending time enjoying the tree as any other 1 year old would, by rearranging the ornaments. Luckily we were wise and put all the breakable ornaments on the top. So there is a little irregularities with the tree, barely any ornaments on the bottom and the top, jammed full with ornaments.

Ahh, well.

Someday I will get my beautiful tree, until then, I am enjoying our tree.

On with crafting.

So on Thanksgiving, twenty minutes before we had to leave for my Aunt and Uncles house I had a realization.

"Where am I going to put Mr. I when we eat?"

My Aunt and Uncle have grandkids so any highchair that they have will be used for them, so I began to panic.

How was I going to enjoy my lovely Thanksgiving dinner with my one year old on my lap trying to pull down the plate, stick his fingers in the food or any other disaster that could happen.

So I remember seeing a traveling highchair in blog world so I decided to whip one up.

Now, it didn't take very long at all I am so pleased with the ending result. My family was in awe with it saying it was the greatest thing they have ever seen!

I won't bore you with pictures of the original so let's look at pictures of the cleaner more perfected ones.

It is shaped like a T with the thinner straps going through the bars of a chair then Velcro around the tummy and the longer part going up and around to hold the child in.

The baby sits in the open part of "highchair".

Here it is in action!

I love these things so much that I have gotten rid of the huge clunky highchair and opted for these.

I am writing up a tutorial for one of these babies but if you are looking for a gift for a family member consider checking out my etsy shop for one of these bad boys!

Stay tuned for more colors (and boy ones), I am in the process of making them and am going to add some coordinating bibs with them.

Chirstmas is coming around so these would be great gift idea!

Check out my side bar for my etsy shop and link parties I join!

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  1. What a very clever idea! Love it! Thanks for your nice comments!!