Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Christmas Mantle

Today is a momentous day!

Not only is it December 1st but it is also my 100th post! Yippee!

It has been so fun writing posts and getting comments.

Thanks all!

Today I want to show you my "Christmas Mantle".

I have no fireplace *tear* so I have had to make due with what I do have.

Let's take a look!

Oooo! I love it!

Here's the break down:

My Christmas Wreath!

I originally the red beaded thing for garland but I liked the look of it wrapped as a circle for the wreath. I then added some embellishments (and fabulous dried oranges!). My grandmother gave me those Christmas bears when I was little and I thought they looked fabulous there!

I have been scouring the thrift stores for fabulous glass jars so when I found this one for $1.99 at Savers I knew I had to have it!

All I did was added some fake cranberry beads and some gold Christmas balls and Voila! I love how the gold shimmers!

I found this "cage" basket at Savers for .99 cents and loved it. I made two decor balls from this tissue craft stuff and some green jute I got at GW for .99 cents. I kept the yellow ball because I love it!

Last is my lovely garland!

I saw it in a magazine and I love the simpicity of plus it glitters really nice! I picked up some $1.00 ornaments at Walmart and I really like the colors together.

So that is my "Christmas Mantle" what does yours look like?

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  1. I LOVE your garland! Such a simple yet adorable look! :) Makes me happy to see your great bargains too!! I would love that wire cage myself!

  2. LOVE the ornament garland!! I have some extra ornaments left that I may have to do that with!! Brilliant idea!