Thursday, November 11, 2010

Super Mom

Today's post has nothing to do with a craft (however I have been ever so diligently working on them). But today is more about how I saved my family around $75.00.

Last week a baby food jar fell into my garbage disposal. Not knowing that it was in there it got ran and the jar broke into a lot of little pieces. After fishing out as much as I could the garbage disposal it was still making this low whirring sound. Like the motor wanted to go but couldn't.

I checked and checked for a button that needed to be switched thinking it was the reset button. No such luck.

So I grabbed the serial number off the disposal and went over to the trust Internet. What would we do with out it?

After finding the manual for the disposal online I read that you could stick a wood broom handle down the disposal and try to move the blades because something could be wedged between them.

Not thinking that it would work I resigned to the fact that we just might have to call a handy man out to our house to tell us what was wrong with it. I figured that it would probably run us about $75.00 not including a new disposal if one was needed.

Now a disposal is something that you can not live with out. Our sink was filled with nasty left over food and once the water would drain, it left a nice little ring of gunk on the bottom of the sink.

Today was overhaul the kitchen day. I got out the heavy duty cleaning supplies and got started. But that sink was really starting to bug me.

So I grabbed a wooden handle at went to work on the garbage disposal.

And wouldn't you know it, after taking all of my anger out on the disposal, I unjammed the glass and voila! It was fixed!

My husband came out amazed that I had fixed the disposal, my three year old was hugging me and saying "Good job mom!"

I had unjammed the glass, cleaned out the sink, saved my family $75.00 all in one swoop. I was super mom today.

If  only I could convince my husband to let me spend that $75.00 on crafts. Hmmm......


  1. Hooray for the broom handle and for being a saver!

  2. That is amazing. I would have been scared to try and fix it by myself. You ARE super mom!