Monday, October 25, 2010

Make over

Good Evening bloggers! I am back!

No I didn't die or move or get so mad at my computer I threw it into a pool and thus eliminating the Internet in my house (although I am tempted sometimes!)

I just took a little break. You know: vacation, siesta, bumming around, etc. It was MEA weekend here and my son had no school the whole week and my niece and nephew went up north to stay with their Grandma giving me a 4 day break, hooray! So, although, I didn't take a break from crafting and such, I took a break from blogging.

But, now I am back and excited to all the fun things I have to show you!

A fabulous friend of mine has a fabulous husband who is amazing at wood working. I inquired if she thought he would be willing to build us bunk beds. With my sister in one of the three bedrooms we have, our two children and their toys all need to share a room. With a twin and a crib in a teeny tiny room, it is very crowded.

To my joy, he agreed!

With that in mind, I just had to get started working on their room so the new beds would have a lovely new home to come too.

I started with this:

I found it at a thrift store for $5 bucks. I mean what is with all the colors. It reminds me of a line in the movie The Bounty Hunter where Aniston and Butler are eating dinner and they borrow clothes from the B&B owners where they were staying. Bulter is wearing this outfit that is multiple colors and Aniston says to him "This coming from a man who couldn't decided on what color to wear so he wore all of them." Makes me think that is what the person who designed this chest was thinking.

So, the ugly colors just had to go.
I just have to get this out there, I LOVE LOVE primer. There, I said it. I don't know what I ever did with out it before. It is amazing what that stuff does. After a coat of primer this is what that baby looked like:

What a difference already! (Please ignore the toys in the background. After all, I am painting a toy chest.)

You will also notice that I am painting in my house. A lack of a garage plus a bunch of leaves on the ground forced me to paint in my house. I just needed to get these projects done!

I picked up a quart of paint for Walmart. I figured that it would be better to go that route then spray paint, I would get more for my money that way. The color I got was a Dutch Boy color called Baby Formula. Interesting name, huh! After painting during naptime this is how it ended up:

What a difference huh! (Please ignore my sons bottom in the picture, he was just too involved in his toys to move!) I love it and it looks so good in their room. One clean concise color!

Stay tuned for other improvements in their new room and the final reveal of the bunk beds! Yay!

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  1. That's an awesome $5 treasure...the makeover looks great! Thanks for coming to my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY and have a new friend...ME!!!


  2. What a fabulous $5 find! I never find items like that at my Goodwill. Love the look! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Coastal Charm. Happy Thrifting! Larri at Seams Inspired