Sunday, October 17, 2010

Homemade Applesauce!

Yesterday was a Crazy Busy Day! I went to the annual craft get together for my church where I created numerous fabulous crafts! (Stay tuned!)

My husband, the wonderful guy he is, took the day off of work to watch the four kiddos so my sister and I could go. Awww, isn't he wonderful!

Once I got home, however, we were stumped about what to do. Trying to stay on the more frugal side, we packed up the children and headed out to a nearby apple orchard. To our disappointment, they had no more apples to pick in the orchard, but they had other fun things to do.

They visited the corn maze, however, Mr L had a hard time staying in the maze, it was too tempting to climb on it. They rode tractors around (kiddy ones), they fed the goats, played on the playground, and just pretty much ran around.

I refused to go to an apple orchard and not get apples. So I headed to the barn to see what I could find. To my happiness I found the "2nd choice" apples that were significantly cheaper then the others, so I picked up two bags of Honeycrisp and one bag of Hearlson apples.

They had black spots on the skin so I knew that eating them whole wasn't an option so I started brainstorming things I could do with them on the way home. My mother-in-law is a huge baker, chef, canner, etc and makes tons of applesauce. It is so simple but SOOOO delicious (store bought applesauce doesn't even compare).

So I took the bag of Hearlson apples and got started!

First cut, core, and peel all the apples. Once clean, chop into smaller bits.

Once finished, you will have a huge bowl full of apple remnants

A big pot of apple bits ready to become applesauce!

Turn up the heat to about medium-high heat and let the apples start to boil. Stay by them at such high heat because you want too keep stirring so they won't burn. The will start to break down and look like the above picture. (The smell will be amazing, just to warn you!)

Keep cooking until you get the consistency that you like. I don't mind a little apple chunk in my applesauce but it is totally personal preference.

Next, get out the sugar (I used powdered honey) and cinnamon (if you like) and add to get the right taste. The apples will be a little tart if you don't add any sugar.

Finally, enjoy warm applesauce over vanilla ice cream in your fabulous 80 cent green Ikea bowl!

If you have never had homemade applesauce, you are missing out! It is amazing, so delicious and so simple to make! Plus it tastes better then apple crisp (on of my all time favorite desserts!)

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  1. Mmm....sounds delicious! I love applesauce. Yum.
    Hey, do you think this might be a fun activity for Activity Days?