Thursday, October 28, 2010

Major Owie

Today on our excursion to JoAnn's Fabrics we had a major boo-boo incident.

Mr. I was in the cart, strapped in and Mr. L was walking around. In the instant that I stepped away from the cart, Mr. L climbed up onto the side of the cart and.....


They were both on the ground. Luckily Mr. I had been belted in because if not he probably would have gone flying.

Mr. L walked away with a not a scratch but Mr. I was not so lucky.

Poor kid slammed both upper teeth into his bottom lip and smacked his nose so hard it bled. I was trying to stop the bleeding with my hand as I rushed the boys to the bathroom.

Not to worry, however, after an Urgent Care visit where the doctor said that stitches were not necessary and there was no sign of concussion, he is slowly becoming his smiley face again (although his lip is enormous!)

(To which I exploited by giving him his first hair cut today. Big day, first for a lot of things, first UC visit, first hair cut, finally a new car seat so my monster child can fit, etc.)

So, sadly the crafting had to get postponed due to a baby who needed to be snuggled and loved which I gladly obliged.

Up and coming however, is the completion of this project. The weather is changing which means that Trick or Treating is just around the corner and I would love to have it done by the time we need to head out in the blistering cold to fill up our baskets with tons of treats!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend (me and the hubby are movie bound for our date tomorrow night, yay!)

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