Friday, October 29, 2010

Revamped Umbrella Stroller

Happy Friday Blogland!

I hope that everyone has a fantastically Halloweeny weekend in store. Here we have a party on Saturday and Trick or Treating on Sunday. Hooray!

I thought that I would share a little picture of Mr. I from yesterday. Here he is enjoying a sucker (my bribe to him to sit still) while I cut his hair. I am no professional by any means but if I can save my family $20.00 every other month, it is worth it to me. If you look closely to the picture you can see his sad red lip. It is doing better today however, it is still swollen and that makes it hard for him to close his mouth so he has been doing some major drooling! (If you missed the story click here for the post!)
I love my little stinker man! And now with that hair cut he as officially transitioned into toddler and no longer baby! *Sniff!*

Now to the crafting.

Remember this picture?

I found it at a Thrift Store at a fabulous price of $3.50 and decided to take it home and give it a little love. After a successful attempt at recovering our high chair I thought that this would be just as simple, and it was. Here is the completed project:

Oh much better! I love it! It is no longer that nasty creamy colored stained cover! I love the dark colors of this fabric. Yay!

New buckles and everything! I got the fabric from JoAnn's and I love it!

The original stroller had this netting in the back so I picked up a laundry bag from a thrift store and cut it and added it to the back. I then added a little padding with that quilt batting that is sewed onto fabric, which I picked up at the same thrift store. All in all it cost me about $25.00 to recover the stroller and I love it! Compared to $100.00 new! I am so excited to have this done in time for Halloween! Now both boys will have a place to sit if they get tired! Yay!

Other great news, the fabulous friend who is making our bunk beds is almost finished! Hooray! We should be getting them sometime next week. Won't Mr. L be so happy!

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Have a very happy Halloween!


  1. Looks very nice. And you don't have to worry about everyone having the same stroller at the mall and then almost putting your kid in the wrong stroller.

  2. Awesome idea! My daughter is 5 now so too old for a stroller, but I wish I would have thought of this back then. My umbrella stroller was so ugly! Thanks for visiting me today. I'm so glad I found your blog!

  3. I love it -- getting the sucker WHILE you're getting the haircut! The stroller remake is great, too!

  4. Love it! This is such a great upcycle.

  5. Wow MAJOR improvement. I am so impressed. You have a knack for making transforming stuff. Great job!!