Monday, September 6, 2010

The Great Minnesotan Get Together

Happy Monday and Labor Day All!

I hope everyone enjoyed their day off!

My family and I went to the Great Minnesotan

Get Together AKA the State Fair!

There we ate tons of really bad for you,

totally greasy and totally yummy food!

We also saw all the wonderful things that

makes MN a wonderful state.

They had live animals.

Cows, horses, pigs, goats, sheep,

geese, ducks

and my favorite


Here are some of my favorite

I mean look at those feet and poofy rear!

Love it!

Wins the award for the best hairdo!

What I look like when I wake up in the morning...
I love them so much because they are so

silly looking!

They also had the Miracle of Birth Center

where they had live births and teeny tiny babies!

(Lucas's all time favorite place!)

We petted lots of animals

We washed our hands lots of times!

 We saw lots of vendors and ate yummy

MN apples!

We got seperated from eachother only

a few times!

And we participated in some good ol' fashion


We only hung on for a few seconds (it's really hard!)

But we are both military brats so felt it was our duty

to compete!

My husband also partook in the competition but

he did 20 chin ups.

I know, he's a wimp ;-)!

We had a long exhausting day but we are

happy we went!

Ugh, although my tummy is saying something else!

Have a happy labor day!!!!

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  1. OH! I miss the State Fair! I live In California now, but was born in MN!