Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Here is what I have done on Isaac's play mat so far:
So this gives you the general idea of what I am going for. There is just one more row that I have to finish, it has the lion and the bear on it.
Close up of the monkey. I like this one!
My attempt at the giraffe. Not bad considering that I went off of just pictures and made the pattern myself!

I am really excited though. My step father prints posters for the UofM students, grad and such, anyways he has a HUGE laminater. I have seen on lots of blogs how you can lamiate fabric to make is water proof and such. Well we have a great big shedding Newfoundland and I am really worried about putting the mat of the floor and how much hair it will collect. So I am going to try to laminate the bottom fabric so that it won't collect that much hair. Once I get a little farther on this project I am going to run over to use it! Also, our couch cushions are looking shabby and I am thinking about making covers for them and using laminated fabric for that.

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