Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Busy Bins: Water Toys

Good morning blog world. I hope everyone had a fantastic morning. Here is a glimpse into my morning:
630am: Isaac enters the room
Isaac: Mom, I poop
Mom: In your diaper?
Isaac: Yeah
Mom: Okay, go back to bed
Isaac reluctantly leaves
650am: Lucas enters the room
Lucas: Mom, Isaac pooped and it stinks
Mom: Go back to your room and leave me alone
Lucas: But mom! I can smell it
Mom: Out of my room
Lucas leaves
655am: Isaac screaming, Mom reluctantly gets up to find Isaac had stepped in his poop that had fallen out when he took his diaper out and Lucas was dressed in yellow rubber gloves which mom later found out, he was using to try and pick up the poop that had fallen on the floor.
700am: Mom is now desperately trying to clean the poop foot prints that are now all over their room while Isaac is in the tub waiting for a scrub down. Somewhere in her mind she is thinking "In all fairness, they did try to warn me."

Fun morning, huh. Wish you were here to experience it, huh.
I didn't think so.

Anyways, with two boys and one on the way (yes, we are having another little crazy) I have been desperate to find things that keep the kiddos busy. Is it just me or are the toys in kid's room rarely played with?

I have seen the idea of busy bags all over blog land, which works great for toddlers but what do you do when they start to get older? So I decided to whip up some busy bins. I used the $1.00 bins from Walmart and filled them with lots of goodies.

The trick with these and keeping your kids interested in them is keeping them out of their reach. I only let the kids play with them at the table and they have to ask before they can go pick which bin they want. Then, after they are finished they have to clean it up before they get another one down. Lucas loves these, he calls them the "Fun Bins."

Anyways, one of the kids favorite bin is the Water Toy Bin. They love playing in the tub and this has all that in terms of fun but they play with it at the table. This keeps them entertained for about 45 minutes straight or until they start splashing water at each other and mom calls it quits for them.

Here is a break down of what I put in there:

All of these items were purchased from the Dollar Store
Blue Pebbles
Measuring Cups
Sponge Animals
Watering Can
Squeeze Toys

I got these dish washing bins from a local thrift store but you can get them cheap at Target or Walmart. I fill them with water, get out the Water Toy Bin and let them play. Oh, take off all their clothes and lay down a towel, water tends to get everywhere.

Here they are, happy as can be, playing in the water.

Happy boys, happy mom.

Now I can go and get some chores done or cook dinner and they are right there, enjoying their new "fun bin!"

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