Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Major Face Lift

Remeber this wall? More the color then the collages. Well it no longer exists. I was wondering if you noticed when I posted about my faux mantle. As much as I love this dark brown, it was just too dark for our small living room.

When we first bought our home I was just so excited the be able to paint that I really went crazy before we moved in and painted up a storm. Only down fall of doing that is you don't get to see how much light comes in. I made that fatal mistake.

So I decided that these brown walls, needed to go.

And after a bucket of paint and a night later, this is what we got!

This color brings in so much light it is amazing! I love the light blue, it works really well with our brown sectional that my mother-in-law gave us a few Christmas's back. 

Now the only room that I have left to paint is my bedroom. But that always seems to get neglected. Feel that same way?

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