Monday, September 12, 2011


A good friend is having a baby girl in October. I know, I am jealous (I want a girl!) So we threw her a baby shower. I love parties. They are so fun to throw. My sister and I got together and decided to make her a diaper cake. I have seen them all over blog land and thought that wouldn't be that hard to make. And it wasn't. All you need is diapers, rubber bands, and ribbons!

Roll the Diapers, wrap with rubber bands, put them together to make a tier, wrap with ribbon

You get a fabulous diaper cake. I love it. Lucas was thrilled when he saw it.

I decided to whip up a reversible vinyl bib and a reversible vinyl changing mat. I loved them and more important she loved them! If you haven't discovered iron on vinyl yet, you really need too!

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