Friday, September 3, 2010

Night Stand Transformation (Before)

Is anyone else really enjoying this weather?

I am a total Autumn and Winter junkie.

I love from September to December.

This cool crisp weather makes me want to roast

marshmallows and wear long sleeves

drink hot cocoa and play Christmas music.

I am so pumped!

Even though it was over cast today, I managed to get

out and do some spray painting.

However, I only have a good before picture,

the fore mentioned weather made after pictures turn

out really bad.

So you will have to wait until hopefully tomorrow

when I can get a good picture!

Here is the night stand that I picked up at a thrift store

for $7.50.

Not too shabby but when I saw it

I knew that it was for me!

Be ready for the grand reveal tomorrow!

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