Saturday, March 20, 2010

Binkie Bag

Unfortunately when you have one of these:
And a baby who sucks on one of these:
It is hard to keep all of that hair either on the dog or in the trash. Sometimes, no matter how hard I try, Isaac inevitably gets some on his binkie. Especially since when he decides that he is done with it, he lets go of it an it falls where ever.

Solution: Binkie Bag!

Not your ordinary binkie clip because this one comes with a bag! So when your baby is not sucking on the binkie, it is safe and secure in its own little bag. An even better feature is that on the back of the bag is a clip so it is always attatched to the baby.

Want to make one?

It is so simple and easy.......

Here we go!

Materials needed:
5 x 10 inch fabric
1.5 ft ribbon
2 sets of snaps
1 clipping device
Any embelishments you wish

Step One: Pick your fabric and ribbon. Make sure to choose a wide enough ribbon so that the snaps you choose will fit on it.

Step Two: Fold your fabric in half and cut it so it is 5in by 5 in. (Make sure to not cut the fold or you will have to sew that as well.)

Step Three: Sew down the sides, leaving the top open. Then zig zag down the sides to it will keep the fabric from fraying.
**Note: The best way to zig zag stitch to cover the edges is the center of your sewing machine foot should be where the edge of your fabric is that ensures that you will be sewing up the edges.

Step Four: Fold twice and sew around the opening. On one of the sides, fold over the ribbon and stick under the hem before you sew.

Like so:

Step Five: Attatch the snaps in the center of the bag and on the ribbon. (Before putting on ribbon, use a lighter on the end to prevent fraying.)
For those who are still sewing on their snaps (like I was) discover the snaps that don't require sewing just a hammer. They are amazing!

Step Six: Attatch the clip onto the back of the bag so it can then be attatched to baby. I used the ones with pins but you can use badge clips as well. I hot glue gunned mine but to make it really secure, sew it.

Step Seven: Add emblishments

Step Eight: Tuck in binkie if not immediately used or for another option.....

Pin, insert and go!

***For those who's children only suck on the Soothies (like mine) use a hole punch on the tab and you wil have made a hole in which to insert the ribbon.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and may all your binkies stay ultra clean!

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