Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lamps Redone

The weather was AMAZING yesterday! I am talking high 50's and for MN that is awesome. So my sister and I decided to bust out the spray paint to get some jobs done. Take advantage of it while you got it right?!

Well, I actually did this project last summer (and never blogged about it) and my sister found these lamps at Good Will for $1.49 a piece and picked them up. I am so proud, she is starting to look at things and say to herself "I could buy those and spray paint them and make them into something I want!" *Tear*

Anyways here is what you need to do this project:
Plastice bags
The color you want to spray paint

Step 1. Clean off the lamps. Make sure they are nice and smooth or your spray paint won't look uniform.

Step 2. Wrap anything that you don't want to get sprayed with tape and the plastic bags. Also make sure to wrap up the cord so you don't get any pain on it.
Step 3. Using a uniform spray start at the top and slowly spray side to side all the way down. Don't spend to much time in one spot or you will drip. Give the lamp a good primer coat.
****Always spray your primer on something else when you just start to make sure that the paint doesn't have clumps in it. If you forget and some come out, wait until the primer drys and take fine sand paper and rub them down until it is smooth and then apply a nice coat of primer over it.*****

Step 4. Spray it with the color that you want.

A little Micheal Jackson anyone? Hehehehe.

Step 5. Wait until it drys and then peel off the tape and plastic.

Bring it inside and put up the lamp shade and then step back and admire!

Isn't she lover-ly!?
Do any spray painting lately?

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  1. Looks great! I love the lamp shades, too. I can't wait to get my spray paint out! Mwahahahaha!