Saturday, March 24, 2012

Boy's Dresser Redone

So you know how my blog is called Crazy Craft Bugs? Well, these week it came true. My life is officially crazy and is only going to get crazier!

We found out that pinks and browns are not in our future, the little squirt in my tummy has something down there and for those who can't make out what that means, we are having a BOY!

Yep, they just keep on coming. I am a little sad, but I love my boys and I am ready to welcome another one into our family. I am excited that they will hopefully grow up close.

I said to my husband while we were in the ultrasound, this is after the tech boldly stated to him "I guess you can't make girls!", that maybe our daughter will just be so rambunctious that she needs 3 brothers to keep her in line. Hopefully not.

But the good news is, we aren't done having kids, it just saddens me that I will have to go through another pregnancy to maybe get a girl. Pregnancy with older kids is just hard!

With that in mind, I have finally gotten around to showing you my latest furniture redo (OK, let's be honest, this was done like 3 months ago, I just haven't gotten around to posting about it, and that is mostly because I haven't taken it's picture!)

Here it is in all of it's glory.
I bought it at the local thrift store for I think $10.00, 25% off so really, $7.50.

The my lovely mother in law let me sand in her basement! Because it was freezing cold and snowy outside. I know, she is awesome!

So I sanded it, scraped the side paneling stuff off of one side of the dresser. It is the stuff that they put over the cheaper wood to make it look more expensive. It was warped and cracking too much on one side to I removed it, but on the other side I glued what I could with wood glue.

I also filled the holes with wood putty and any cracks.

After it was sanded, I primed it and the I painted it and then I varnished it.
Then I picked up some fabulous drawer pulls from the same thrift store for $3.00 for like 12 of them. That is an awesome price because at Menards, that is how much they are a piece!

After that was all done, I stepped back and admired it.

Oooo, it looked so much better! I used a mis-tint from Walmart and mixed it with some other paints to get this color.

Doesn't it look awesome in their room? I love it. The first dresser we have had for them in this room.


What do you think?
Worth the $10.50 I spent?
I think so!


  1. Amy, it looks gorgeous! Love the color of the paint!

  2. That looks so great! I love the color. Good job Amy!

  3. This is great! I've always wanted to do this with my furniture :0D

  4. Impressive. I did not know that you had furniture restoration in your blood. Looks great and what a deal on the price.