Thursday, March 15, 2012

An Apple A Day

Good Morning Blogland (said in a sing song voice!)

We are having the most AMAZING weather this week and boy has it put me in a fantastic mood! I am talking 60-70 degree weather. For Minnesota, that is quite a change.

Oh the windows have been open and my spray paint cans and paint brushes have been out. Also, a lot of cleaning supplies and rags, spring cleaning is definitely in the air.

After taking a look at my kitchen I decided that some things just need to go. I had a fabulous large jar on my counter that was show casing some yummy cinnamon scented pine cones. Fabulous for Christmas but doesn't really say spring is here.

So I was at the local GW and Unique and I came across some apples. I think I paid about $4.50 for the bunch of them. Here they are:

They actually looked real. Lucas tried to eat one but was sad when he discovered they were fake.
I like them but the color just had to go.

So while my sister spray painted her lamps, I spray painted these. But I was sadly disappointed by the spray paint. It just wasn't coating the apples like I wanted it too. So I brough them inside and painted on a coat of paint by hand. Then I rummaged through my paint supply and found a color I liked then painted them 2 times to give them a good coat.

Here they are all nice and pretty!

Ooooo. I love the color and the look of them. I found this glass jar at a local Salvation Army for $5.00. I have also been slowly painting my kitchen this lovely happy yellow. I finally got around to painting this wall yesterday. I have to say, my favorite colors are grey, yellow, white and blue. Beau-ti-ful!

So happy and so bright.

Hello Spring! Come stay a while!

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  1. It's definitely been painting weather. The apples look great in that tall vase! Thanks for sharing.