Friday, January 6, 2012

My Berry Wreath

Hi All!

I hope you all have had time to hop on over to my Etsy shop and check things out there. Right now all I have is some vintage things up but as I start making things, they will end up on there as well!

Today I was to show you my Berry Wreath.

I know they are every where. But their price always seemed a little steep for me. So I decided to make on myself. My sister loved it so much, she made one for herself.

They are super easy to make and that is what I love about them.

First, you need to gather your supplies.

 You need your grapevine wreath, some ribbon, some wire and your berries. I used the berry garland because it was much cheaper and I got more for my money.

Next, like any grapevine wreath you need to mold it, so it is not so misshapen. What I do is find the vine that wraps around the wreath. Then I take the wire, making sure I don't catch the wrap around vine, and wrap it around in certain places on the wreath. I make sure it is good and tight so the wreath begins to make more of a circle. Once that is all done, I unwind the wrap around vine and Voila! The wreath should be more of a circle then you started with.

Then you take the berry garland and cut it so you get branches that are similar lengths and look similar. Stick them around the wreath to get the desired look (You can use hot glue and I should have done that to secure them because the branches become lose when they hang on your door.) Add a little ribbon and Bam! You get a fabulous berry wreath.

 Then hang it and step back and admire it.

 So fancy, so loverly, and so inexpensive!

Gotta love the bow!

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