Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Free Downloads

Hey All!

I have been tooling around on Picnik making some Subway Art with a Christmas theme.

I thought that I would make them available to anyone who would like one.

Tell me what you think.

This is my go at it.

I am trying to decide if this is too boxy. Hmm, what do you think? I am currently in the works making this into a decoration but I 'm not sure.

Here is my second one.

I tried to keep this one less wordy and add some color and a star. What do you think?

Am I totally off base with these or am I getting closer?

They are totally free and you are more then welcome to download them and use them in any decorations you choose.

Hmmm, I think my creative juices will have to stew on these.....


  1. I really like the first one! Now if I could figure out how to cut it on my cricut in vinyl just like that! :) They are both adorable, but I like the 1st one better for me!

  2. Love them both. Thanks for so kindly sharing, love Subway art. Great job. New Follower thru Somewhat Simple. Would love to see you on my lil blog.

  3. Love the first one! I want to use it somehow. Framed? Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  4. I love love love the second one!!! Great job!