Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Be Excited!

There is tons of excitement over here at the Meyer residence today!

Guess what finally came?

That's right:

Our........ Bunk Beds!

Oh my goodness I don't know who is more excited, me and the hubby or Mr. L!

Getting bunk beds makes me feel a little bit like a kid again.

My sister and I had bunk beds growing up and we would always be bugging each other by pushing up the top bunk from the bottom, oh the memories.

The hubby was an only child so bunk beds were something he always wanted but was never able to get. So he is living his childhood and I am re-living mine!

Be prepared for revelation pictures of the boy's room. I have been working non-stop to get it ready. It has turned out really nice. Yay!

But to not be totally lame and leave you with no craft I thought I would reveal something that I made at our church's annual craft day.

Our house has no chimney and as a result has no fire place. It is really hard to find enough space to hang 4 stockings. My family was never really into stuffing stockings but it is a tradition that I want to start with my family.

A fellow friend spotted this little beauty on a blog and decided to make one herself. Once mastering it, she was gracious enough to share it with us.

Here is our new "fire place"!

Super cute and simple!

I can't wait until Christmas is here!

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  1. What an adorable stocking hanger! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! :)

  2. How do I make this? Do you have tutorial?