Friday, September 10, 2010

The Last Bib You Will Ever Need

Good Evening Blogland!

It is amazing what Tylenol will do for your headache! I feel a million times better!

So I decided to share with you a fabulous sewing project for you that sew!

I was checking out a blog called Homemade by Jill and she showed an example of a vinyl bib. Now, having a baby myself, I thought that I should make one.

I did, and loved it!

Now I have a friend who is having a boy (yeah!) and along with other gifts, I decided to make a bib for her.

The best thing about these bibs is they are so easy to clean! If they get dirty, all you do is wipe them down and you are done!

And they are:

Gone away are the fabric on the top plastic on the bottom bibs from Walmart or Target. These are so much better!

I have seen the light!

All you need is to purchase some iron on vinyl at JoAnn's or other craft store. (It is located in the home decoration part of JoAnn's.)

Pick out your fabric and piping if you wish. Iron on the vinyl. Trace an old bib or just make a rectangle, cut out a circle for the neck.

Pin the binding, sew around with patterns facing eachother, leave space at the bottom so you can flip the bib right side. Sew the bottom. Iron out wrinkles and you are done!

The second time literally took me about a half an hour!

These are the best bibs every! Don't believe, make one and see!

Baby tested:

Mother approved!

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Also, stay tuned, I have discovered stain as a distressing tool! Look out world!

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  1. Look how happy that kid is with that bib on! :)

    Great job, Amy!

    Thanks for linking up to my Friday link party! See you next week!