Saturday, September 18, 2010

Adorable Pumpkins

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With that said on with crafting!

Holy cold weather!

When I woke up this morning my sister was talking about how cold it is and I was thinking "You just moved here from Florida, ofcourse it is cold to you!".......until I stepped out side. YIKES!!


It got me thinking however that it is a good thing that I have started my fall decorating! Because ready or not, it is here!

Yesterday I took some R&R time doing crafts with a very fabulous person, Megan over at A Little Knick Knack (my husband finds it very strange that crafting can be relaxing to me but, oh how it is!) So I phoned the fabulous mother-in-law and she agreed to watch the three kiddos I had and the fourth I put on the bus.

Ran over to Home Depot to check out their remnants bin for wood and their "Oops" pile of paint. I have to say I am addicted because I walked out spending $1.62 on two 2x4 pieces of wood and a bucket of paint. FABULOUS!

Then a quick jaunt over to Megans house and we got started crafting!

There were two projects I had in mind that I wanted to do one can be found here. Are not the most adorable wood pumpkins you have ever seen? The second can be found here. Toilet paper pumkins? Yes please, with a household of 7 you know we have lots of TP around.

I have the after pictures of all of these projects but if you want to read about our amazing adventure crafting all of these, hop on over to Megan's blog and read about it! 

Here is my TP pumpkin!
I was relieved when I walked into the house and brought it out my three year old exclaimed "Pumpkin!" Whew, if he knows what it is everyone better know!

Next, I made two sets of the wood pumpkins, one for me and one for my mother-in-law as a thank you gift for watching the kiddos and maybe, just maybe a little incentive for her to watch them again for me in the future?!

Here are hers:

And here are mine:
Are they not adorable! I think so!

I couldn't stop looking at them last night. Fall has officially entered my house. My sister paid me the greatest compliment by saying that they were cute and she can't wait to see what I do for Christmas. Yikes! Better start planning!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by! Your pumpkins are beautiful! It's amazing to hear how cold it is! We are still 100 degree temperatures(southwest). Stay warm and have a great weekend!
    Love, Brenda
    I am a follower! :)
    Come by and visit anytime!

  2. WE make the toliet paper pumpkins for our fall feast in my pre-k class. They can make them themselves and they are so adorable!

  3. Wonderful! Your pumpkins are adorable. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  4. I remember moving out of Florida in December and not having anything warm to wear. It didn't even snow where we moved to, but we were freezing.

    Thank you for your comment on my wreath. I'm now a follower :)

  5. Love the punkin's! I just became a follower and now you are at 46! If I win, I'd love a wallet in baby blue and brown! - Karen