Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finds and Failures

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Today I wanted to show you all two things.

1. I have been thinking about doing a certain project but have not been able to find the right materials for it. But after visiting a local thrift store today I found not one but both things need for the project!

Was I excited! Not being a wine drinker I was ecstatic to find a whole bag of wine corks and I think this tray will work nicely for what I have in mind!

You will have to check back later to see what I do with these!

On a sadder note, I had a failure today in the craft department. Remember the farmers market pumpkins, well I have been trying to figure out what to do with them so I got some felt and my glue gun out and I made this:

Yeah, ummm, well not exactly my shining moment.
The kiddos love it so it is sitting on my kitchen window sill but I think I am just going to let the pumpkins be pumpkins. They look better that way, huh!

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