Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My New Wall

So I have a very boring Living Room wall.

So boring that I will not bore you with a before picture.

Anyways, lately I have been collecting frames at thrift stores.

The Good Will and Savers in my area has a .99 cent Mondays and a 1.50 Tuesdays.

Everything that is a certain color falls under that price.

So, I have been purchasing frames at great prices.

I spray painted them black

Put them up on the wall:
(Although I did have to put a few extra holes in the walls making sure to get them right)

And ended up with this:

Now all I need is pictures!


  1. Even without the pictures this looks great! I need to do something like this going up my stairs. :)

  2. it turned out wonderfully!
    did you make the "home" sign?

  3. I love this!! And the HOME sign is adorable!!

  4. Looks Awesome!