Friday, August 6, 2010

Fabric Bin Tutorial

So.... remember this picture?

Did it leave you wanting and wondering?

Did it give you sleepless nights because you just had to know what it was I was doing?



Because that would be a wee bit weird.

If it did, then worry no longer because here it is!


Now these are the best bins in the world.

I have one of these

He has just recently just starting crawling (much to my joy and sadness, I have a three year old as well!)

Anyways, he is always getting into toys and I knew that I had to make
some fancy and nice bins that could withstand the whirlwind that are my children.

So I went out and figured out how to make some fabric bins.

Ones that could be sat on, walked on, smushed, squished, etc. etc.

These little gems are easy to whip up and are fabulous at holding lots of toys.

(BTW, this tutorial is for the circular bins only, the square ones don't hold their shape as well)

So lets begin!

Step One

Find your fabric, matching lining fabric, matching thread, and this fabulous Pellon Craft Fuse (interfacing)

Step Two

You have two options
a) Find a kitchen bowl to trace and a tape measure so that you can trace the circle and measure the circle around, like so:

b) You can measure the circle and use the equation for the surface area of a circle which is 4(pi)r(squared)

Take your pick but I chose the first one!

Step Three

Trace your circle onto the interfacing and then iron it onto your fabric (the shiny side of the interfacing down on the wrong side of the fabric).

Step Four


Cut out the rectangle for the sides. Measure out the length of the rectangle (the number you get from the measuring tape) plus add 1 in for seam allowance. Then cut the width anywhere from 9-11 inches, depending on how deep you want the bin to be.
Do the same cutting for the lining of the bin.

Step Five

Put the matching sides of the fabric together and sew up the sides (1/2 inch seam). Do this for both the lining fabric and the outside fabric.

Step Six

Pin the circle onto the walls of the bin to form the bottom. Sew with 1/2 seam allowance. Do this with lining and outside fabric.

Step Seven

Place the right side of the lining with the right side of the outer fabric. Pin and sew around the circle leaving a space to pull the fabric through.

Like so....

Step Eight

Pull the fabric right side out. Smooth out and even out the top of the bin so you can stitch. (My nephew had never seen a sewing machine before and was intrigued the whole time I was sewing. When I got to this point he was like "Are you making a puff?")

Step Nine

Sew the top part of the bin. Make sure that the opening gets closed!

Step Ten

Step back and enjoy! Fill it with toys, knick knacks, or anything you can find!

Simple, fun and fabulous!

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  1. I LOVE the transportation fabrics you used on these. So cute. Thanks for sharing!