Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Completed! (whew!)

I am thrilled to be writing this post!

I finished my antique window project!

Whoo Hoo!!!

And I have to say that I love it!

Are you ready to see it?

Drum roll please...


I found some frames that I have collected over the years.

Spray painted them like 4 times until I decided on white.

Of course, distressed them!

Added some pictures and then hung them up!

I love it!

I think that it all tied in quite nicely!

Don't you?


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  1. I am hosting a giveaway over at Sassy Sites. Come on by and join in on the fun! We would love to have you!


  2. This is adorable, Amy! It's perfect! You did such a great job transforming that window -- love the pop of color in the middle. :)

  3. That is so cute! I have a window like that and have it on my mantle. I like how you hung it and used the sections as frames, kinda. I thing it is darling. Great job.

  4. Amy! It looks awesome! I love those pics. When did you take them? I still want to do the flower!!!!!

  5. Cute! Discarded windows have so much potential.

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  6. Hey Amy...just featured this on my blog. Come grab a button!

  7. Very clever Amy. Thanks for stopping over. You may want to adjust your settings that when you click on your name, we can get to you...I actually had to google your blog, which a lot of gals will not take the time. If you adjust your setting that your blog comes up on your name, that is the way to go. Cute blog, following you back now.