Saturday, August 21, 2010

Canvas Teddy Bear to Flower

Happy Weekend everyone!

I hope that everyone's weekend is going fantastic.

Mine is.

My husband took this next week off from work

so I am super duper excited about that!

Sorry about my two day break,

I wasn't being lazy I swear!

I have just been working non stop on my projects

so be super pumped because I am going to reveal

some cool things!

First off I found this awesome fabric flower on Make it and Love it

Check it out, she gives a tutorial and everything.

Once I saw it I thought 'I could do that'

So I have been on the hunt for some canvas.

Now, canvas at any retail store is expensive

but when I was at Good Will what did I find!?

This teddy bear.

Now for $1.50 I knew that I just had to have it

and that it was just what I needed.

So I took it home, spray painted it so it was a solid color

(didn't want any of the teddy bear peeking through the fabric!)

Used modge podge on the back of the fabric to stick it on

to the canvas.

Had a very interesting time using a regular stapler to

fold the fabric around the edges

(note to self: borrow a stapler gun next time!)

Followed the flower making instructions from

Make it and Love it

and Voila! A flower emerged!

My husband said it was cute

isn't it though!

Stay tuned next for a fabulous antique find!

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  1. What a wonderful idea! I love seeing all the creative things people do with fabrics! this turned out great.

  2. Very cute. Way to go green by recycling from Goodwill.

  3. This is just the cutest idea...thanks so much for sharing...I'm going to past to along to my daughters...they will love it to! Hop over and enter my GIVEAWAY…I think you will like it!


  4. So pretty! Great transformation. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  5. Now that is cute! Great way to reuse too! Great job!

  6. So pretty and clever. I like the purple and black mini stripes combo with the flower color.

  7. Gorgeous flower and finding that canvas for such a good price was great. Turned out really cute.

  8. Amy! Stop doing cute things without me!!! This is great. You have to show me how to do it!!!