Saturday, August 28, 2010

BAD Stairs to FAB Deck

Good evening fellow Bloggers!

I feel like I have been gone for forever.

These last two and a half days have been so long.

My husband and I woke up at 8 am and

didn't stop until 8 pm.

The kiddos spent all day at Grandmas,

I don't think that I ate one solid meal


dispite that, we finished!

To really appreciate the new deck, let's take a look at



Nasty right!?

They were really small and there was a

broken stair and they were all together NASTY!

So I found a deck building book at a thrift store for

$1.50 and with a little knowledge about buying

wood and a newly acquired sander and fabulous drill

we produced:

and replaced those nasty stairs with:

I am totally thrilled with the results.

They were a headache and I got many a

bruises to show it

but, now that they are done and

I step back and look at them

I can't believe that my husband and I

built them all by ourselves!

They are not perfect by any means but

they are ours and I love them!

Now the only thing left is to clean the wood

and stain it.
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  1. Doesn't it feel great when you can do it yourself - even if there are a few bruises along the way!

  2. AMY!!!!! WOW!!! I'm so impressed. That's an amazing job you did there. I love it! Look at all the space on your front porch area now! And you have storage! Great job you guys!!