Friday, April 2, 2010

New Things!

I can not believe that I let myself go all the way to Friday without posting any of the fun new things that I have been doing. I did get a little carried away on Monday when I discovered that the local thrift store sells everything that has a tag of a certain color for only $0.99. So I went out and bought clothes for me, Isaac and Lucas. Then there was the whole cleaning the house and doing all of the new laundry that kept me away. But I'm back and thrilled with some pieces.

Last time I left you with the wonderment of what I was going to put on my dishwasher. Well, I was at JoAnn's last week and I found this fun little product called Wallies. They are basically little fun wall paper cut outs that you can put on pretty much anything. So I decided that they would look fun on my freezer and dishwasher. Here is what they look like:



I did contemplate putting these on magnets and then sticking them on, but to save money, I decided to just stick them on the way they are supposed to go.

So what do you think? I like it, I think it gives them a fun look. They were suprisingly easy to stick on and are holding quite nicely.

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